Nancy Clarke 21 years old

Having had the pleasure of performing with Beckie as part of Masc Theatre I was very pleased to hear that she had become a vocal teacher.

I really look up to Beckie for her amazing talent and wonderful personality and couldn’t think of a better teacher. I love how each lesson is planned around my individual needs, and Beckie always asks for my input and opinion. She is an amazing teacher and also explains vocal biology, which definitely helps with understanding my voice.

Beckie makes me feel completly at ease and has definitely improved my technique and confidence.

Lessons are always fun, relaxed, but very productive!

Im learning new skills and finding confidence and a voice I never thought I had! I honestly cant thank or praise Beckie and Van Netten Performing Arts enough.

Daisy Riley 21 years old

I would really recommend Van Netten performing Arts as Beckie covers a lot in my lessons while making it enjoyable. She knows a lot about Vocal Technique and it is all very well explained whenever im trying something new. My main aims are to branch out into lots of different styles which is going well- Beckie recommends brilliant songs that challenge me while helping me to work on ‘acting through song’ which ive always struggled with.

Shes also helping me prepare audition songs which is really useful.

I would definitely recommend these lessons and Van Netten Performing Arts.

Emma Wright 18 Years Old

Van Netten Performing Arts is run by Beckie who not only supports you with your vocal ability but with any other problems you may face.

Through Van Netten Performing Arts I have been able to improve the strength and technique in my voice whilst singing songs I had always perceived to be too difficult. Beckie allows me to sing the songs of my choice whilst helping me to improve the song through use of dynamics,improvisation and change of tempo.I enjoy my lessons with Beckie as she is caring, funny and friendly whilst offering constructive criticism and advice on how to improve both singing and performance.

I would 100% recommend Van Netten performing Arts Singing lessons.

Paul Wright


Singing with Beckie at Van Netten Performing Arts is fantastic and fun.

I've always enjoyed singing but wanted to learn how to do it properly in tune and with confidence.

She is a great teacher and can show you anything about whatever type of music you prefer. Beckie makes you feel at ease and puts no pressure on you but always encourages you. I have a great time with Beckie and feel relaxed and confident to sing and always look forward to the next lesson.


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